Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dancing At The Nursing Home

      Yesterday,I had the privilege of being able to go and sing to the people at the nursing home.Just let me say that they loved it,I mean think about it.They don't get to go and watch stuff like that.So,every year we go and do all our Christmas stuff for them. It brings a smile to their face,and mine to!! I'm going tonight and Thursday night. Yesterday it was one of the residents birthday,her name was Miss. Virginia. We sang to her,and it made her so happy!                                                                      P.s.I got to sing my solo first!

Monday, December 13, 2010

All about me.....

Hi my name is Calee.I'm eleven years old.This is the first blog post I have ever done,although I have helped my mom.I got inspired by my mom and my dad,so I thought it would be cool if I started one.My intentions for this blog are going to be about me and about my beliefs in what I think is right.I will also write about what I like to do,and what my favorite things are.Maybe it will be a big hit! My mom thinks it's going to be good to start a blog,so do I.
I hope I will inspire people so they to will follow me through this process,and maybe get so inspired they'll start a blog themselves! Wish me luck,there is no turning back now!